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Independent Web Designer · · ·


  • lloydwords


    Citizen of the world, based in Singapore.

  • Tonya S. Ware

    Tonya S. Ware

    Live healthy, age well, make money, and have fun. I write to help make your day better than you could’ve imagined.

  • Jacob Beltran

    Jacob Beltran


  • David Ogunniran

    David Ogunniran

  • Oussama Zouaimia

    Oussama Zouaimia

    Oussama Zouaimia is a Visual Artist based in Algeria

  • Dashon Jamal Hawkins

    Dashon Jamal Hawkins

    Full stack Javascript developer that specializes in JAMstack, Headless CMS, Serverless, & Progressive Web Apps. (Gatsbyjs, Next, GraphQL, FaunaDB, NodeJS, etc.)

  • Mauro Cerino

    Mauro Cerino

    Camino a ser Arquitecto. Tratando de encausar la veta creativa. En constante aprendizaje. 28 años. Argentina.

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